Saturday, 11 August 2012

Myfriend is mycrush^^^

i did have a crush on him once... but not anymore... but i do wonder is everyone like me?? is everyone only fall for one person once?? is it really hard to like the same person once you already let them go?? for me it is not possible... i do like him before but not anymore but whenever i saw his face i started to remember the time that i fall for him... and that's the problem... i can't accept him although i remember falling for him... that guy and i used to be best friend... i fall for him then... but he fall for the new the girl that is my friend.. that girl and i was like sister... so i introduce him to her... later they already a couple.. that broke my heart.. so i decided to let it be.. i decided to let him go... long after that they broke up... then i found out that he has feelings for me... but i don't feel the same way about him anymore coz i have thrown away that feelings long ago.. coz of that i can no longer be his close friend... i do miss my best friend but when he's with me everything seems awkward... the result is i don't know he is still my friend or not... mybe this thing only happen to me or mybe not... but for me past is past.. so live life as it is now... be HAAAPPYYY!!!! (^3^)